Keep a journal for a week

At the end of the week, read the journal, and think deeply about your life. 


On Procrastination

Each task you do now is one fewer task for you to do later. While you’re performing it, set your mind unto the great kindness which you are performing for your future self. 

Tomorrow, when you receive the gift, give thanks to you-of-the-past. 

Request heals

I used to play a lot of World of Warcraft. Sometimes, a group of us would fight our way through a dungeon together. The warrior would be at the front, taking the hits; the hunters and magicians behind him, raining arrows and fireballs upon the hostile ghouls; and the priest would be at the back, healing those who began to feel the damage. 

It’s the priest’s job to notice wounds and tend to them, but he invariably misses some now and then. When someone is hurt, and the holy spells aren’t reaching him, he just says “heals pls”, and his injuries are presently attended. 

This should be adopted into real life. Take care of others’ emotional states. Heal them when they seem to need healing. Give them reassurance, compliments, and unmeasured love – each in its measure, each in its time. 

And when you need some healing yourself, just ask. Ask in a neutral, earnest, undemanding tone. For instance: 

  • “I’m feeling a little fragile right now. Please be gentle.” 
  • “I’m going through a frustrating time with this novel of mine. Can you reassure me that I’m a competent writer despite my current struggles?” 
  • “My breakup was awful. Would you please hold me and softly coo to me for a while?” 

Don’t remain silent when you’re suffering. Request heals. 

A Thousand and One

Sometimes, you decide upon a glorious new habit. “I will do this every day,” you think. “And, in time, I will excel at it.” 

A dangerous thought. Too many of our dreams lie flat, unlived. They add to the great granary of regret, swell it to its very rafters, until distraction becomes the only relief for disappointment. 

Do it just once. Today. 

See what comes.