Bedtime Soon

With your permission, I’d like to introduce a mind inoculant into your head.

From now on, you are playing a nighttime game called Bedtime Soon.

If you ever think the words “bedtime soon” in your head, possibly in a wholesomely-joyous cartoony accent, you have to begin getting ready for bed, immediately. The trick is to never hear that darned cartoon duckling-rabbit-kitten saying “Bedtime soon!” This is a wonderful game because if you win, you don’t even notice you’re playing it. When you lose, you pay a small forfeit (get up and do the chores which prepare one for bed) but you actually win so very much.

Play it for a week and let me know how it goes.


Fun in the Car

Here is a game that you can play in the car:

Yell at every street sign, and justify that yelling.


“‘Cromwell St’? Cromwell? That traitor?? Hang him I say!”

“‘Flood St’? Is that supposed to be funny?? Do you know how many people *died* in Haiti???”