Fuck Superlatives

“So here we have Hannibal, fighting his way along the Italian peninsula, bringing the greatest empire ever to her knees, and he ends up face-to-face with an army – twice the size of his – on an open field. So Hannibal places his weakest troops in the centre of his battle line and-”

“Wait, did you just call Rome ‘the greatest empire ever’?”


“What bullshit! Britain, Persia, Spain, Russia, Mongolia – you think Rome was greater than all of those?”

“Does it really matter?”

No. No, it doesn’t. But slipping a superlative into your speech just gave you an extra proposition to defend, and now you may never actually get around to describing the magnificent Battle of Cannae.


“Om-nom-nom. This is the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten – or is it? Maybe the schnitzel from my cousin’s wedding was better. Hmmm …”


“You are one of the most handsome men I know.”

[Aside:] “Who … who beats me?”


Stop using superlatives. Enjoy things as they are.


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